Dada for the 21st Century

by Hermann & Birch


Dada for the 21st Century

“According to its proponents, Dada was not art — it was “anti-art”. Dada sought to fight art with art. For everything that art stood for, Dada was to represent the opposite. Where art was concerned with aesthetics, Dada ignored aesthetics. If art were to have at least an implicit or latent message, Dada strove to have no meaning — interpretation of Dada is dependent entirely on the viewer. If art is to appeal to sensibilities, Dada is to offend. It is perhaps then ironic that Dada became an influential movement in modern art. Dada became a commentary on order and the carnage they believed it wreaked. Through this rejection of traditional culture and aesthetics they hoped to destroy traditional culture and aesthetics.

Art historians have described Dada as being, in large part, “in reaction to what many of these artists saw as nothing more than an insane spectacle of collective homicide.”Years later, Dada artists described the movement as “a phenomenon bursting forth in the midst of the postwar economic and moral crisis, a savior, a monster, which would lay waste to everything in its path. [It was] a systematic work of destruction and demoralization…In the end it became nothing but an act of sacrilege.” Reason and logic had led people into the horrors of war; the only route to salvation was to reject logic and embrace anarchy and the irrational.”

This original design is meant to draw on the Dadaist views of “Anti-Art” and expand on that to create a beautiful and simple article layout. Observe everything that is wrong with this design; the alignment of elements, the baseline of the type, then reject it and embrace it all at once. The imperfections and flaws are what makes things so much better. Appreciate the design elements for what they truly are, bare and almost exposed in a way, so natural.